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design-better-productsDesigning Better Products with SOLIDWORKS Premium

SOLIDWORKS Premium CAD software provides the advanced capabilities you need to design better products—from design, automation, and simulation to validation, collaboration, and data management—all in one comprehensive package.

10-SOL-WP-Design_Mold-1 (1)Designing Molds Quickly, Accurately, and Cost-Effectively with SOLIDWORKS

The mold industry has seen rising costs and longer cycle times. This trend is accelerated by the challenge to produce more complex molds that generate higher-quality parts.

10-SOL-WP-Packaging_Machinery-1Streamlining the Design of Packaging Machinery

Packing equipment customer expectations grow increasingly demanding. The expected time to react and respond continues to shrink. At each phase of your design cycle your challenges and deliverables are different.

10-SOL-WP-Industrial_Machinery-1Streamlining the Design of Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Makers of industrial machinery and heavy equipment face many challenges, as well as a competitive manufacturing landscape that requires the streamlining of product development processes.

10-SOL-WP-Oil_Gas-1Efficient Design for the Oil and Gas Industry

Meeting the product development, equipment design, and systems engineering needs of manufacturers serving the oil and gas industry presents distinct challenges in today’s ever-evolving and increasingly multifaceted global energy marketplace.

10-SOL-WP-2D_3D_CAD-1Bridging the Worlds of 2D and 3D CAD Design

As manufacturers rapidly transition from 2D to 3D CAD in today’s digital world, designers are demanding 3D to enhance their designs and improve communication.

10-SOL-WP-Design_Manufacture-1Squeeze Time and Money Out of Production Using Design for Manufacturability

Product design does not occur in a vacuum—it has a significant impact on manufacturing. In fact, 3D design carries even greater potential for streamlining production processes, especially when you take advantage of Design for Manufacturability tools and applications.

10-SOL-WP-9_Criteria-19 Criteria for Choosing a 3D CAD System

When evaluating CAD software, do you know what to look for? Download this useful whitepaper for more information how to make an informed choice.

10-SOL-WP-Design_Automation-1Using Design Automation to Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

By implementing design automation, engineer-to-order manufacturers can complete days of custom engineering in just minutes.

Whitepaper_Solve_Heat_TransferSolve Heat Transfer Challenges Quickly and Cost-Effectively With Flow Simulation

Finding effective solutions to heat transfer problems has become an increasingly important part of new product development. Almost everything experiences heating or cooling of some kind, and for many products, such as modern electronics, medical devices, and HVAC systems, managing heat is a critical requirement for avoiding overheating and achieving functional success.