What’s new in Weldments feature!

Designing structure in solidworks has always been fast and easy, and solidworks 2016 has some great enhancements to help you get the job done faster.

Image 1

To open weldments tooltip, go to the weldments tab, click on structural member.


Image 2

This is the menu for structural member options, you can select various standards including, Iso, SI etc.


You can also select type as well as size of structural member.


Image 3

When you create structural members the size list is now sorted numerically.

And the two most recently used sizes are at the top.


Image 4

Another big improvement is the ability to transfer material straight from the profile feature into different groups reducing efforts and errors in simulations.


Image 5

Image 6

In the feature manager, structural members are now given a more descriptive name, based on the type and size property.


Image 7

Image 8

Hovering over a member also gives a convenient tooltip with the same convention.


Previously Solidworks 2015, introduced the ability to quickly create end caps for openings.


Image 9

SolidWorks 2016 modifies this feature and now you can vary the size and position of end cap using reference dimensions without the need to edit the feature even on this curved beam.


Image 10 Image 11

Another great enhancement in Solidworks 2016, is the ability to hide individual bodies, not just parts, using the tab key. This applies to surface bodies as well as solid bodies.

Shift tab performs an unhide.

Image 12

Many costumers use derive part to copy structural design into individual separate parts.


All these enhancements makes you realize your designs faster and quicker with SolidWorks 2016.

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