What’s new in the SOLIDWORKS 2018

Here are some of the enhancements that could be part of SOLIDWORKS 2018

  1. Mirror 3D Sketch Entities

  2. Free Hand sketching on touch devices

  3. Reference Planes as symmetry reference in 2d & 3d sketches

  4. 12 Mouse gestures

  5. PDM and Revision tables will communicate bidirectionally

  6. Simultaneous Graphics and Resolved Components

  7. Mates between Graphics Only Objects

  8. Goal Based Design

  9. Manufacturing Centric Constraints

  10. Feature Independent

  11. Enhanced 3d Interconnect

  12. Enhanced Assembly Visualization

  13. Tab and Slot feature for parts and assemblies


    >> Join us for INNO3D where we will give you a sneak peak of SOLIDWORKS 2018 on the 11th of October