What’s new in Solidworks Routing 2016

Solidworks 2016 has some great productivity enhancements to speed up your work, let’s take a look at a few of them:

Image 1In many assembly facilities, you often use duct rails for cable connectivity.


Image 2

To prevent duplication of duct rails, solidworks routing can take advantage of duct routes for defining cables.


Using the auto route capability you select one point of the cable and point of the opening of the duct rail, then select the point where cable exits the duct, and finally the terminating connector.


Image 3

Solidworks routing automatically connects the wire and incorporates the routing distance in the duct work for the total cable links and also shows the full route path on screen.


Image 4

So you save a great deal of time because of this feature.


Image 5

A new enhancement for duct routing is that this supports auto route, this enables you to quickly lay out the segments of the duct network, and easily connect it to the rest of the infrastructure, such as for this rectangular duct system.


Image 6

By just selecting the start and end point, you can alter geometrical layout by dragging points of connection.


Once you select an option, you can drag the route to the final desired location.


Image 7

And complete the elemental branches for the duct system.


Image 8

Being able to snap branches to the existing ducts ensures everything is correctly aligned.


Another enhancement to this feature is the support of cables in electronic systems.


Image 9

Which has become more popular as devices have become more compact, if setting is set to flex, routing will automatically recognize that.


Image 10

Here you can manually define route or use auto route, with manual setting, you can use ribbon selectors for adjustments or you can freely drag vertices.


Then you can use the sketch line to complete the route, solidworks displays the complete cable.


Using sketch tools we will create a spline path, twisted between the two ends.


Image 11

Image 12

Twists which are added automatically is aligned perfectly on both ends, twists can be adjusted to fit the designing wall.


These are some excellent capabilities in routing to improve your productivity.


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