WEBINAR: What’s New in CAMWORKS 2016

WEBINAR: What’s New in CAMWorks 2016

CAMWorks 2016 webinar

There many new features and improvements in CAMWorks 2016 to look out for; and at NCCS we will be running a webinar to demonstrate some of the most useful enhancements in 20 minutes.


Improved functionality in the CAMWorks 2016 CNC machining application includes:


Productivity-Enhancing Improvements

  • Interactive feature recognition enhancements, including the selection of non-planar edges and faces
  • Improved chamfer machining options including the use of intelligent parameters and user feedback to provide the user with better control with chamfers
  • Improved automatic feature recognition to simplify features and automatically recognize features by depth
  • View and modify default machining strategies directly in CAMWorks without having to access the CAMWorks technology database (TechDB) in a separate application window

New Machining Benefits

  • Automatic pre-drilling of holes for high-speed machining applications in CAMWorks VoluMill
  • New gun-drilling cycle specifically designed to support industry-standard tooling for deep-hole drilling and gun-drill operations
  • New cycles to support point to point operations including center drilling, drilling, reaming, and tapping of holes in complex four and five axis components and assemblies
  • For multitasking Mill-Turn machines, the ability to specify a fixed B axis angle for the tool and tool holder has been added for turning operations to provide better tool control

User Interface Improvements

  • Addition of a Tool Tree Tab to simplify the creation of tools and tool cribs, more easily manage tools and operations including selecting, editing, replacing, and deleting tools
  • Enhanced generation of setup sheets including the ability to incorporate multiple part and assembly images as well as tool images to reduce setup time
  • Improvements to Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) database to simplify automation using features, operations, and strategies

Note : CAMWorks 2016 Webinar was conducted successfully on 09th  February, 2016. 


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