Solidworks- Velocity analysis of mechanisms

A mechanism is formed when one of the links of a kinematic chain is fixed. A mechanism can be used to either transmit or transform some given motion. Knowing the velocity of the links in any mechanism therefore becomes a crucial aspect for any designer. SolidWorks helps us develop the velocity plots for these mechanisms using the SolidWorks motion feature. For this demo I went with a simple slider crank mechanism. Knowing the behavior of links in such a kind of mechanism for a mechanical engineer is key since it plays a pivotal role in many mechanical systems. We begin by creating parts making up the mechanism i.e. crank, slider, connecting rod and frame (fixed link) velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms1 If say we went with a mechanism with the above link lengths. For the crank: velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms2 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms3 For the connecting rod: velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms4 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms5 For the slider: velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms6 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms7 The length of the frame is equivalent to the sum of the other two link lengths. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms8 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms9 Once you are done creating the parts you can proceed to create the assembly. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms10 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms11 When you are done your assembly should look like the one below. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms12 Next we run the motion study. Remember to first activate the SolidWorks motion add-in. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms13 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms14 Next set the drive rotating at a definite speed. For this problem I have set the crank to be rotating at 10rad/s which is approximately 96rpm. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms15 Click on the drop down arrow on the bottom left and select motion analysis. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms16 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms17 Click on calculate motion to see how your mechanism behaves. In the motion study click on results and plots and define the parameters of your plot, for example the linear velocity of the slider in the x axis. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms18 velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms19 Clicking the green marker sets up the plot which is stored in the results folder. Moving to this folder and selecting to show plot displays the velocity plot on the window. velocity-analysis-of-mechanisms20 With this you can determine the maximum and minimum velocities of the link.