Utilities: Comparing Geometries

This feature compares geometry or dimensions of modified part against referenced part. It identifies similar faces, their dimensions also the volume of material added or scraped off.


Step by step example to understand this addin.


Let’s take 2 parts to understand solidworks utility.


These 2 part are already provided in solidworks.


Image 1

Image 2

These two brackets are already provided in solidworks library and these will be used to demonstrate the working of utility add-in.


If you want to open these same parts, go to solidworks->samples->swutilities, select bracketa and bracketb.


Solidworks utility has different tools like comparing features, geometry or documents.


For now we will understand geometry option with an example.


Image 3

To access this feature, go to tools select geometry.


Image 4

Similar to ‘compare feature’ compare geometry requires reference as well as modified document.


Modified document will be compared against reference document.


Click on geometry to perform volumetric comparison.


Compare geometry provides the user with information like changed faces, unique faces and removed face along with the volume of material added or removed. Comparison is performed considering the dimensions and not features as in the case of features comparison.


These are the two selected parts for comparison.


Image 5

The top part is reference part whereas bottom one is the modified part.


After we have started the comparison tool, this menu will pop up.


Image 6

Click on reference doc and select bracket_a from the drop down menu, and bracket_b for modified document.


Click on settings to set different colors for different instances.


In settings you can also set the tolerance.


Image 7

First make sure that unit is set to mm and angle is set to degrees.


next, go to geometry -> general tab.


Image 8

Here, select the option that are required.


These option are provided to:


1st: this option, if checked will check the geometry of parts for errors in edges.


2nd: this performs face comparison, i.e. modified, unique or removed.


3rd: this performs comparison to know that the material’s volume is added or removed.


Image 9

 Set the tolerance bar to middle to have a faster analysis.

Then click on run comparison.

Image 10

Image 11

This progress bar will show up, wait for it to complete then see your results.

Image 12

These are the result of the comparison performed, to view these in part, click on ‘show’ icon beside result.

The number written in these results represent the number of instances where the named result took place.

Example, there are 8 instances where material is not present in modified part.

Image 13

This is the reference document.

Various results are given below:

Image 14

Instances where material was removed.

Image 15

Added material.

Image 16

To save this result in your local disk, select the view which you want to save and click ok.

Image 17The saved results are detailed description of task performed

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