Using variables for your design

If your design requires frequent modifications to the dimensions, one way to make this process easier in Solidworks is to use an equation manager. This can be done by right clicking the equations folder in the Feature Manager Tree or from the Tools menu.


using variables 1.


In the Equation Manager, you can assign the Global Variables with a letter in the first column, and its value or the equation on the second column. For example:


using variables 2.


On a sketch, by double clicking on a dimension a Modify window appears. The value in the input box can be replaced with an equal sign which triggers a drop down menu. Selecting the Global Variables shows us the list of Variables that were previously assigned in the Equations Manager.


using variables 3.


Not only can the variables be used on dimensions, it could also be used to set the width of the Boss for example, or control the number of instances in the Linear Pattern for the Hole. All of these dimensions can be controlled via a single table in Solidworks!


using variables 4.

using variables 5.


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