Using the thread feature in Camworks

With Camworks 2.5 mill axis feature one can be able to carry out thread milling operations on surfaces created in Solidworks. Other possible operations that can be done using this feature include boring, reaming and tapping.

With these cutting operations, one can be able to run error-free tool paths that are extremely fast.

In this demo, we will be looking at how you can machine threads in Camworks.


we had the model shown above and we desired to machine threads on its surface then clearly we will require a 2.5 axis feature (thread feature).

Move to the Camworks feature manager tree and set up your stock. Change your machine configuration to a turning machine with a single turret.

Run the extract machinable feature tool. Camworks identifies three possible operations based on the geometry.


From here on you can now be able to run the thread feature. Right click on the turn setup and select a new turn operation.

From the window that pops up, you can specify that you require a threaded feature. Be sure to make all your specifications known.


Once you have configured your thread operation, you can go ahead and generate the operation plane. Notice your thread feature at the bottom of the feature manager tree.


Once you run the tool simulation, you will be able to clearly visualize how the cut takes place.

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