Using the Shortcut Bar, “S” Key

Over the past few years SolidWorks endeavoured to increase productivity and minimise the repetitive mouse gestures. One way they implemented this is through the use of a shortcut bar. The shortcut bar can be triggered by hitting the “s” key on the keyboard. It opens at the current mouse cursor position saving you the time of having to drag your mouse to the command manager at the top.


shortcut bar 1


The shortcut bar is completely customisable and is context specific, so that it has a different set of shortcuts for each in sketches, parts, assemblies and drawings.


If the default key setting “s” for the shortcut bar doesn’t suit you, it can be changed by hitting the “s” key then a right click to access “customise”. Under the keyboard tab, look for “Shortcut Bar”.


shortcut bar 2

To customise the toolbar, first select which Shortcut toolbar to customise. In this picture “Parts” is selected and “Features” is selected from the drop down menu to access all of the features of SolidWorks. From the array of Buttons, drag and drop the features you use often on to the Part Shortcuts toolbar. To remove the buttons, click and drag the button away from the Shortcuts toolbar box and drop it.


Below are some screenshots of what the shortcut bar looks like in sketch mode and parts mode.


shortcut bar 3

shortcut bar 4