Using the Area clearance feature in Camworks

The area clearance feature inside Camworks that lets you machine complex surfaces by using several surfacing techniques. It’s a type of multi-surface feature and is quite useful when working on surfaces in 3D.

If say we had a surface like the one shown below and we wanted to take it through Camworks so as to get the NC code required to run such an operation then we would simply specify that we require the multi-surface feature due to the surface complexity.


Move to the Camworks feature manager tree and specify your stock dimensions. Create a new mill part setup and set its orientation based on the top surface.



Under the mill part setup, create a new multi-surface feature.

Set your feature type as all displayed faces.



The multi-surface feature is set up and once you generate the operation plan you will observe that two operations have been created. One is the Area clearance and the other is the pattern project.


You can modify the parameters for the area clearance by say changing the tooling and editing the path of the operation.

You can then generate the tool paths for the two operations.

Once you have done this, go ahead and simulate the tool path to see how the cut is done.


Camworks basically does the rest. With the Area clearance, it is possible to machine complex shapes with ease.

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