Add on costing tool in solidworks

The Costing Tool in SOLIDWORKS enables users to estimate the cost of producing a single component or an assembly in SOLIDWORKS.

It works based on templates which contain the cost of milling, bending, drilling etc. in relation to size. The costing is used to create a bill of materials for the various components in an assembly.

Let’s take a look at how we can use the Costing Tool in SOLIDWORKS.

To access the Costing Tool, we first have to select the Evaluate tab from the Command Manager.


In the drop down meun at the very right hand side of the tab we can select the Costing Tool.


Selecting the costing tool opens two tabs, one on the feature manager tree, and the other on the task plane tab.

The tab on the task plane is responsible for selecting the methods of manufacturing which includes machining, 3D printing, casting etc.


The materials of the component.

The quantity

And most important of all is selecting the template which would be used to estimate the cost of the component.

In general, SOLIDWORKS uses a default template for its analysis, it is also possible to edit the template to your desired cost by selecting the launch template editor on the task plane tab


Clicking on this opens a new tab on the screen.

In this new tab, we are able to edit all the features regarding Costing; which includes the material prices, manufacturing process prices such has drilling, milling etc. We can also easily change the currency used in the Cost Analysis.

After all the parameters are set to the actual price, we can save the template so we can reuse this template when we need to perform the cost analysis on a different component.

Next, we will conduct Cost Analysis on the existing component by selecting begin cost estimation on the task plane tab and we can see our result from the image below.


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