Tutorial on SOLIDWORKS Part reviewer

SOLIDWORKS part reviewer behaves much like the roll back feature enabling users to see the steps used to generate a part.

The part reviewer can be found under the tools tab or directly accessed from the command window.

Looking at the tv-16 pulley shown below.


If we required to review the part to see the steps used all we need to do is access the part reviewer using the command window.

Once activated the part reviewer appears in the task pane.

Users have several options to move through. The first arrow lets you jump to the beginning of the part. We see that the first feature to be created is the revolve feature.

The step forward and step backward icons help show or hide sequential features. The jump to end icon moves roll back to the end of the part.



To show sketch details simply click on the show sketch details icon then move through the features using the step back and step forward icons.

This lets you see clearly the sketches that were used to develop the part features.


The last icon when checked only shows features that have comments. This is quite useful and lets users define the part reviewer based on only commented features.

The part reviewer is quite useful in showing how a part was developed.

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