Tutorial on SolidWorks Mold Tools

Mold tools tool is a special tool inside Solidworks that aids in generation of plastic injection molds. Injection molding involves injection of plastic material into a mold creating parts with rather unique and fascinating shapes that would otherwise not have been manufactured by ordinary, normal machining processes.

Solidworks proves itself rather useful in creation of molds and is able to run several analyses on the mold to ensure that the mold is efficient. Such analyses include draft analysis on the mold with draft being a very important component in creation of plastic injection molds

To begin we first have to create the mold for the part. I went with a rather simple mold for demonstration.

mold tools

                   The Mold tools can be accessed from the insert > Molds tab

mold tools
The first thing we need to do after creating the mold is to run the draft analysis. Draft is a very important component in the molding process since it enables easy removal of the part from the mold.
From Mold tools select draft analysis then choose a suitable plane to run the analysis say the top plane.

mold tools3
A color scheme appears showing you the areas that require draft. We add draft by selecting the faces we would want the draft to be added using the draft tool.

mold tools4
Once you’ve finished adding draft you can turn off draft analysis. You can then proceed to create the parting lines.

mold tools5
Next we create the parting surface making it as large as possible.

mold tools
Next we create a sketch on the parting surface for the tool split tool.

mold tools7
By selecting move bodies and dragging one of the cores we can see the part formed.

mold tools8
It can be seen that solidworks forms a very powerful tool that can be used to create plastic injection molds for manufacture.

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