Tutorial On CAMWorks with Solidworks

CAMWorks is a Computer Aided Manufacturing software that directly integrates itself with Solidworks once it’s installed on your pc. The CAMWorks add-in is automatically configured in the Solidworks add-in and once you click the checkbox it automatically appears on the tool bar explorer whenever you open a part.


camworks with solidworks1
camworks with solidworks2

In this demonstration we will look to machine the above part using CAMWorks.

We first have to define the stock which CAMWorks automatically does by tracing the outline of the parts. There is an option however to adjust the size of the stock by simply offsetting the x, y or z co-ordinates.

camworks with solidworks3

Next we define the machine we would like to use to machine the part. A 3 axis mill would do but the user has the option of editing the machine option to the ones available at his or her facility.

camworks with solidworks4

The tool crib within this explorer allows to select tools from a wide variety of tools present in Solidworks. It is advisable that the user chooses tools according to the on hand status at the facility.

After maneuvering through this the user has the option of using the in-built AFR feature that automatically detects the machinable features. This is done by clicking the Extract machinable features.
camworks with solidworks5

On the left we can observe the machinable features and they are categorized into two.
• Mill part setup 1
• Mill part setup 2
By generating the operation plans for the two mill part setups and successfully generating the respective tool paths the option for generating the simulation path now becomes viable.
camworks with solidworks6

From the mill setup the chamfers and fillet operations are however not visible and have to be added.


Once we add the operations to include these features and run the generate tool path option we can see that this these operations are now included in the CAMWorks feature manager tree.

We can now run the simulation and compare the results to our part.

camworks with solidworks7

Running the comparison matrix we can see that the part modelled by CAMWorks does not differ at all with that in Solidworks.

camworks with solidworks8

The post process icon allows for generation of NC code for the part.
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