Training On Solidworks Mould design

Mould Industry And Solidworks Critical Business Issues

• Economic down turn means mould makers must be even more creative and innovative – they
must maintain their “edge” and even expand business offerings such as offering:mold
o Product design services; DFM (Design for Mfg) knowledge
o Rapid Prototyping services – ABS capabilities
• Global competition
o Labor costs are lower in other parts of the world
o Competition can offer faster fast turn‐around – more people at a lower rate
o Competition is adopting better design and manufacturing technology ‐ CAD/CAM
• Customers want better mold designs
o Lower maintenance cost designs
o More accurate molds
o Shortened injection cycle times
o Alternatives to hard tooling molds
• Injection mold tooling customers demanding shorter delivery – customers want to be first to
market with new products
• Tool designers must react quickly to customer design changes without slipping delivery dates –
can’t afford to wait until the product design is completely “frozen”
• How does the Solidworks CAD system integrate with my existing CAM system?
Pain Points
o Time constraints and profitability
o Finding a similar job
o Dealing with customer design data
• Tooling design
o Validate that customer design is moldable
o Parting lines and surfaces, shrinkage
o Detailed drawings
• Design changes
o Effect of changes late in design cycle
o Accurate BOM/assembly documentation
o Revision control
• Manufacturing
o Need accurate 3D models for NC programming Camworks the first truly integrated system for Solidworks
o Accuracy of machined vs. designed critical.
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