TolAnalyst Tool

Using the Tolanalyst tool in SolidWorks will speed up the design time to anyone who creates assembly by removing the complex tasks of calculating the worst case scenarios using spreadsheets, complex equations etc.


Here I have an assembly with components stacked together, most of these components have the auto-dimension applied from the dimension tool.



Now we will import the part which will be inserted, what we should be concerned about is the tolerance.



We can see that 1.5 dimension with .02 tolerance.


Let’s switch back to our assembly, now you see that this part is going to go right in the middle of ‘yellow’ and the ‘blue’ part.


Open the bracket to edit the part.


To start editing the part, right click on the part and click on open part.


This will open the part separately in edit mode.



After opening this part, we can know various dimensions by using DimXpert manager.



To use dimXpert manager, click on the icon shown by the arrow.



After Dimxpert wizard starts, select different filters and other options to specify the no. and places of dimensions.



Dimensions will be shown as per the entered options.


You can delete excess dimensions, edit them, or change them, according to current application.



To start TolAnalyst, go to addins and make sure that TolAnalyst is checked.


Click ok.



To define measurement, click on measure from and select the starting face of measurement.


And click on measure to and select the ending face of measurement.




Measurement in this model was selected from bore to the opposite face.


Specifying exact point is usually avoided as it sometimes results in error.


Select the limit of tolerance.



The alongside photo depicts the start from and start to of the TolAnalyst.



The bore is selected as start point, and the face is the end point.



This is the stage where we apply different mates to the assembly parts, same way as mating is done in assembly.


While applying mates, make sure that mates applied are correct because these play an important role in TolAnalyst results.


This part is the tolerance assembly, at this stage, we give different components of our assembly, their respective tolerances.


When tolerance to a particular part is provided, solidWorks denotes the same by a check beside the name of the part.



Note: tolerance is the maximum deviation from ‘perfect’ dimension that can be given to the ‘actual’ dimension during fabrication of part.


‘perfect’ dimension is non-technical way of explaining theoretical dimension when error is assumed to be zero.



This is the result obtained from Tolanalyst.


This result can also be saved as a readable text file.


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