Threading feature on solidworks 2016

This feature is used to make threads on parts in solidworks. It is a new feature added to solidworks version 2016, compare to the older version of solidworks.

when making a thread we are required to draw a circle at the staring of the part and making use of the helix/spiral tool to increase the amount of revolution the circle would be on the surface of our component, and making a reference line and using the extrude swept tool to make the final shape of the thread. But this is different in solidworks 2016 all you need to do is use the new thread feature on achieve the thread with more accuracy.

How to use the thread feature

First we start by using the sketch tool and extrude boss to create the mode we would want to make a thread on


Next we would locate the threading feature button on the top menu bar.

It is located under the hole wizard by clicking on the arrow the drop down menu appears the select the thread feature.

Clicking on the thread feature would open its properties on the left menu bar.

First we start by selecting the first box on the property bar and choosing the point we wont to start making the thread from.


Next we select the distance we want the thread to occupy and the type of thread in inches or meters.

Furthermore we then chose the size of thread we require from the menu under the thread options we would have a similar result as the image below depending on the size selected.


We can also select the threading method depending on what dimension we used to mold our component if we have drawn the minor diameter we would select the extrude thread while otherwise we choose the cut thread

Finally we could select the angle of the thread and also choosing which form of thread we require by selecting the right hand or left thread.

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