Things to consider before buying a CAD/CAM package

Today we have 100’s of CAD CAM software in the market. Among these, to choose the software that fits your bill is not an easy task. And choosing a CAD/CAM solution that will make the manufacturing process more efficient and effective is very important. Here are some handy tips for to consider before you decide to go purchase CAD CAM software.


Do not get carried away by the popularity and brand names of the software. Just because the software is popular it does not mean that it will meet all your requirements.


Make the best use of the trial version. Normally the trial version lasts for 30 days make the best use of it by trying to design the things that you normally do on a regular basis. Have a chat with the sales or the technical people of that particular software provider and do not hesitate to ask even if it is a silly question. You can even ask for trial period extension, they would happily extend it for you if you show some interest.


Make use of the free online tutorials available either on the website or if they do not have them request the company people to provide you that will at least help you get started with the cad package.


Always look for a CAD CAM package which is not crowded with too many features that you rarely or might never use them. Because more the features more the complexity and less user friendliness. This is an important thing to look for if you are looking at expensive software’s. They charge you for all the unwanted features which you might never use.


Analyze whether the CAD CAM package you are buying is good value for money. Do not underestimate certain CAD CAM packages that you sometimes feel are under priced. Don’t waste your time thinking why some software’s are less priced. We all know there is heaps of competition in the market today so everyone wants to stand out of the crowd. Some software vendors drop their prices to do that which is good for you.


It is always a good idea to have a small team to analyze the CAD CAM package. Choosing software based of the experience of a group of people is always better than choosing it based on just one person’s experience. It is also a good idea to have a financial expert, or someone who understands your company’s budget, to be a member of this team.


Make a list of features that you expect in a CAD package. And let it work as a checklist them software with the most ticks on your checklist obviously is the software that meets your needs.


You should also detail out the costing involved in materials and using the system cost effectively. So you will have to judge your present cost of manufacturing and the returns on it as well as the returns after you have set up a CAD/CAM system.


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