Tutorial On SOLIDWORKS inspection add-in

SOLIDWORKS inspection, an add-in inside SOLIDWORKS that helps designers’ fast-track creation of detailed drawings including features such as section views and ballooning. SOLIDWORKS inspection has two faces. We have the standalone product and the one integrated inside SOLIDWORKS. The two differ in functionality and for this particular tutorial, I will be looking at the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in.

We begin by enabling the SOLIDWORKS inspection add-in inside the add-ins folder.

Tutorial On Solidworks inspection add-in

Go ahead to create a model we can use to showcase Continue reading

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Steps for setting Fatigue analysis inside Solidworks

This feature inside Solidworks is very useful since it enables designers determine the stresses that may lead to fatigue failure in a part. This is quite crucial in design of structural elements especially those that are subjected to very heavy loads over a period of time. Solidworks with its multiple simulation capability is once again able to do this simulation with ease.

I will do a T section for this demonstration.

Fatigue analysis inside Solidworks You will notice that you are required to Continue reading

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