Solidworks Tutorial – How to Use Curve through XYZ points

When it involves complex entities in SOLIDWORKS, we usually use the spline tool. However, in the case of parabolic curves or involute the spline tool may not give us the accuracy and flexibility we need for a particular geometry.

SOLIDWORKS has provided a way in which we can add complex Profiles such as that of an airfoil with 100% accuracy into the graphic area.

How to add curves through the XYZ axis.

This process would be explained using an airfoil Continue reading

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Tutorial- Using FloXpress in Solidworks

Solidworks FloXpress is a feature inside Solidworks that allows a designer simulate flow of fluids through a model. Based on the results of the simulation the designer. can then make modifications to improve flow through the model.

I went with a C-D Nozzle geometry for this demonstration.


We need to first create the lids for the two ends before we begin the simulation.

SolidWorks FloXpress

Once we have created the lids we can then proceed to begin the simulation. The Solidworks FloXpress Continue reading

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Tutorial on Solidworks- Multiple body part design

Multi-body part design is a special tool inside Solidworks that allows for modelling a component by breaking it into a multiple number of similar parts hence the name Multiple-body part design.

With this, modification done on a part of the component in turn affects the whole model. This feature applies to bodies that can be modelled using linear or circular patterns and hence once the original body has been modified then all the other bodies follow suit

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