Costing enhancements in new SolidWorks 2017

Costing feature in SolidWorks 2017 has a lot of minor updates as well as some feature upgrades. Now you can see a preview of expanded sheet metal in the graphics area.

There are also some major updates like, now SolidWorks automatically figures out which part is bought, machined or made by sheet metal process and calculates the cost without letting the user worry about defining processes for each part in an assembly.


Image 1

We will be finding out cost of Continue reading

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SolidWorks Simulation Setup

This Simulation video goes through the set up for a Static FEA. Which includes loading, boundary conditions, meshing with mesh control and post-processing results. A L-bracket is taken as an example, a load will be applied on the flat surface as if a bolt with a washer is pulling it down while the bracket is fixed to a concrete wall on the vertical side.

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Solidworks freeform

The freeform tool inside Solidworks allows modelling of desired surfaces requiring complex calculations and complex curves with little effort.

To begin creating any part we first have to create a 3D sketch of the part. To create a surface we only require a line.

The line can be polyline, any pattern is applicable. Extruding this line using the Surface extrude feature creates the surface.

solidworks freeform

The freeform can be accessed in the Surfaces tab. Under freeform you have several options to Continue reading

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Amada Machines and Softwares to Run Amada Machines

Amada machines are one of the commonly used Turret or Laser Machines in Australia. Apart from brand new machines, there are lot of second hand Laser and Turret Machines which are imported from overseas. For this reason we get a lot of enquiries everyday about the right software’s that help run these machines.


MetaCAM CAM software sold by NCCS is one of the leading CAD CAM systems when it comes to programming these machines. It supports all Continue reading

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Part Thickness Analysis Using DFMExpress

DFM stands for Design For Manufacturability.


There are two ways to check the minimum and maximum wall thicknesses, one is using the thickness analysis tool which is built into solidworks professional tool and the other is using DFMXpress.



We will use this model as an Example to understand this tool in SolidWorks 2013.



To execute DFMXpress tool, you can go to the tool menu and click on DFMXpress or you can simply click on the shortcuts provided Continue reading

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3D CAD Key Capabilities – CAD Library

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software provides libraries of prebuilt 3D CAD models and other CAD data that help accelerate the design process, save time and development costs, and increase productivity.

CAD Library Overview

SOLIDWORKS CAD library provides a place for every designer and engineer to easily access, locate, download, save, and share commonly reused CAD data.

The ability to share the information needed to make thousands of parts and components for your designs—from screws and bolts, to washers and bearings, Continue reading

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