Cost saving using SOLIDWORKS simulation

For designers, one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process is to save money. With the changing tides, traditional methods of validating designs, such as prototyping, have been replaced with new age technology that is much cheaper and yields very accurate results. SOLIDWORKS 2018 has a variety of simulation capabilities at the designer’s disposal that allows validation of the existing designs before manufacture. In this tutorial, I will take you through how to save on costs by reducing Continue reading

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Inserting a pinned support during simulation

Sometimes in Simulation of structural beams, one is required to define different end supports. One particular end support common in most beam analysis is the simply supported beam, i.e a beam fixed at one end and which has a pinned support on the opposite end.

So how do we define such kind of supports? Well in the following simple steps, you will be able to set up such supports.

First, we need to create our beam part in SOLIDWORKS.

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Running a particle study inside flow simulation

Particle studies are very useful in flow simulation since they can be used to predict the behavior of particles inside a given flow and domain. For example, in a case where a cyclone is used to separate particles from air, a particle study becomes useful in designing an optimal cyclone.

Before we run the particle study we need to set up a Flow Simulation. Looking at the model below, we need to first create lids for its ends.


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Doing a combined thermal and static study in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has a very powerful finite element analysis tool that allows users to run multiple simulation studies, to name some; frequency, linear dynamic, static, and thermal analyses of components.

One aspect that sets it apart is its ability to run two studies simultaneously for example running both a static and thermal study to see how the component behaves. For this particular tutorial we will consider a simple rod with a rectangular cross-section to demonstrate this capability.

We begin by Continue reading

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SOLIDWORKS – Conducting Flow Simulation through a Manifold

It is important to ensure that air flows through the manifolds (intake and exhaust manifolds) smoothly to optimize engine efficiency and performance.

Loss of momentum in air flowing into and out of the cylinders due to irregular manifold geometry can be disastrous and may even disrupt engine cycles. I will do a simple flow simulation of air through a manifold to demonstrate Solidworks’ capability of simulating such environments with ease.

Begin first by defining your manifold geometry.


From the model Continue reading

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A Tip On Simulation enhancements

Solidworks 2016 comes with enhancements in simulation tool.

In this version simulation results in better mesh quality which increases the ease with which user simulates the model.


Image 1

In the side release clip it is important to verify the performance of the clip’s insertion and release operation.


Image 2

Performing operation in solidworks 2016, is a breeze with new features, the fixture that inserts the clip, pushes it over half a second, holds the clip in the insert position briefly and Continue reading

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Design and engineering consulting firms can take advantage of emerging opportunities for business and revenue growth by implementing integrated simulation technologies. In response to a challenging economic climate, more and more manufacturers seek engineering service providers to help them evaluate design performance, as well as consult on other facets of product development and manufacturing. With integrated SolidWorks Simulation software, you can position your consultancy to reap the rewards of this trend, securing valuable customer partnerships and improving your operations at Continue reading

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