Inserting a pinned support during simulation

Sometimes in Simulation of structural beams, one is required to define different end supports. One particular end support common in most beam analysis is the simply supported beam, i.e a beam fixed at one end and which has a pinned support on the opposite end.

So how do we define such kind of supports? Well in the following simple steps, you will be able to set up such supports.

First, we need to create our beam part in SOLIDWORKS.

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SOLIDWORKS Part reviewer tool

SOLIDWORKS part reviewer behaves much like the roll back feature enabling users to see the steps used to generate a part.

The part reviewer can be found under the tools tab or directly accessed from the command window.
Looking at the tv-16 pulley shown below.

If we required to review the part to see the steps used all we need to do is access the part reviewer using the command window.

Once activated the part reviewer appears in the task Continue reading

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Planetary gear system in Solidworks

Planetary gear drives have revolutionized the automotive industry. They are used in automatic transmissions to shift between gears.

The gear drive is connected to the engine output shaft via a torque converter which replaced the traditional clutch used in manual transmissions. Below is a simple demonstration on how to insert the gears making up the system (Sun, planet and ring gear) in an assembly and subsequently running a motion study to see how the gears move relative to each other. Continue reading

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Modelling a four bar mechanism in SolidWorks

A Mechanism in any mechanical system is used to either transform or transmit some given input motion. The best demonstration of a mechanism is that used in an engine.

In this particular mechanism the input motion from the crank is transmitted to the slider. There are two ways of looking at this in that the motion whilst being transmitted is also transformed from one of being rotation to linear motion.

I will model a simple four bar mechanism in SolidWorks Continue reading

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