SOLIDWORKS lets you develop and model very complex shapes, some of which cannot be machined. Such parts, which are mostly plastics, require processes such as injection moulding so as to be manufactured. To help with injection moulding SOLIDWORKS has the plastic add-in, which when enabled allows designers to run analyses on the entire injection moulding process. With the analyses, designers can optimize the process by varying the parameters involved.

In this tutorial, we will go through the injection moulding process. Continue reading

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Solidworks Plastics

Solidworks plastics for 2016 delivers improved injection simulation and results presentation.


Image 1

Under the fill settings, there is an option for solver settings.


Image 2

In solver settings there is CICSAM solver, this provides improved results for 3D simulation, thus being more accurate.


This solves in less time than previously.


Image 3 Image 4

Report generation now utilizes more organized structure as it provides with more extensions to view your report therefore it is more user friendly.


Image 5

Report generation provides more information Continue reading

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