Reducing rebuild time with SOLIDWORKS freeze bar

Have you ever created a SOLIDWORKS part that could take too much time to rebuild? After you finish a SOLIDWORKS part, you may not notice the number of features that you have created. The problem is the rebuild time because as the number of features increases the longer time it takes to rebuild. SOLIDWORKS has a solution for this problem. You can freeze the features with “freeze bar” to exclude them from rebuilds of the part.

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Learn to use Freeze Feature in SolidWorks – Tutorial

Making simpler geometries in SolidWorks and rebuilding them from time to time has no disadvantage, as simpler geometry takes no more than 5 seconds to update.


But what if we create something more complicated like an automobile? Which will have about 300 features to rebuild, every time it will take up to 2-3 minutes to rebuild.


You can freeze features to exclude the frozen features from rebuilds of the model.


The freeze bar controls the point at Continue reading

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