Solidworks Shrink fitting of Cylinders

Shrink fitting is done on cylinders for the purpose of reinforcement against extensive internal pressures that may be a result of high pressure flows through the cylinders. Shrink fitting also helps cylinders cope with extensive external pressures acting on them.

It is, therefore, imperative that the designer or engineer can determine the stress due to shrink fitting and the probable effects on the cylinder walls to avoid possible failure.

Shrink fitting sets up a contact pressure at the interface of Continue reading

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Tutorial for Multiple-body part design using Solidworks

Multi-body part design is a special tool inside Solidworks that allows for modelling a component by breaking it into a multiple number of similar parts hence the name Multiple-body part design. With this, modification done on a part of the component in turn affects the whole model. This feature applies to bodies that can be modelled using linear or circular patterns and hence once the original body has been modified then all the other bodies follow suit
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INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION • The broad classification of Industrial Equipment includes the following major segments:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Machinery (including Packaging Machinery)
  • Heavy Mobile Machinery and Equipment
  • Installed Equipment
  • Mechanical Power Equipment and Products
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Components are typically prismatic and there are usually a significant number of moving parts and mechanisms.
  • Traditionally this type of design was done in 2D CAD.
  • An important distinction for machines is the difference between custom and production machines. Production machines oft en require more Continue reading
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