Collision Detection in SOLIDWORKS Assembly

When you are working in SOLIDWORKS Assembly, you should be mindful of collisions for your moving components. After creating mates in the assembly, you can try to move a component that seems to be fine in the outside. You will probably not notice that some of them were interfering with the other component which are hard to be seen by just visual checking. But, you can easily check this by using a simple tool in SOLIDWORKS which is called as Continue reading

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Detecting interferences between components in SOLIDWORKS Assembly

It is very easy working in SOLIDWORKS assembly. You can insert components, create a layout or sketches, and create a part and new sub assembly while you are working in the assembly.

Sometimes, you forgot to check if there are no interference between your components. It is very hard if you look in every corner of your component to check whether other components interfere with it, which can be easily done by “Interference Detection”.

Interference Detection can identify the interferences Continue reading

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Viewing SOLIDWORKS part and assembly with pdf reader

Are you having trouble in opening a SOLIDWORKS 3d model because your current computer has no SOLIDWORKS installed? If so, you can use an application called Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your 3d models. In viewing the 3D pdf file, you can use a toolbar that automatically appears to rotate, spin, pan and zoom. You can change the appearance, background colour, lights and show the cross-section of the 3d model.

Before you view your model in pdf, you must export Continue reading

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Using Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager in SOLIDWORKS allows modification of features such as the tolerance, sketches, appearance, features etc. on a single component to produce a different configuration for the same component which may be mass produced in the industry.

How to use the configuration manager
The configuration manager is located on the SOLIDWORKS Manager tab, which are the top most icons on the feature manager tree.

Before we can start using the configuration manager, we first have to import a Continue reading

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