Creating Exploded Views in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Are you trying to create an exploded view of your product to explain how it works? Did you know that you can easily create an exploded view in SOLIDWORKS Assembly? Exploded view is a crucial key element to help you explain the relationship of each part in the assembly. Instead of creating different views and using other features, you can use the Exploded View tool. Exploded view location In creating exploded view, you need multiple parts so you can only create it while working in SOLIDWORKS Assembly or if you part has multiple bodies.

How to avoid missing references and components in assemblies using pack and go in SOLIDWORKS

When you send SOLIDWORKS files to your clients, some of your client probably have encountered problems like missing references or components in SOLIDWORKS assembly. One of the reasons it happened is because you might have missed a component when gathering your data set. One way to avoid it is by using a pack and go in SOLIDWORKS. Pack and go can gather all your components or related files of your assembly and part into a single folder or zip file.

Solidworks Assembly constraints

Constraints are the most important features of an assembly since they limit the degrees of freedom of a part allowing the designer to specify movability of the part. Several mate constraints exist within Solidworks ranging from simple standard mate constraints like coincident mates that constrains two surfaces to each other, concentric mates that constrains two cylindrical parts to move along the same axis to mechanical mates like cam, slot, hinge and gear mates. I will do some simple mates to illustrate this capability inside Solidworks.

Working with planes in SOLIDWORKS

One very useful skill to have when working in SOLIDWORKS is working with planes. These set of skills comes in handy when working on parts that require you to insert planes in absurd orientations. Knowing your way around setting up of planes, therefore, becomes a necessary skill. In this demo, I will be taking you through how to work with planes. Go into SOLIDWORKS and create a new sketch. This prompts you to select one of the pre-existing planes so as to create a sketch.