Solidworks Assembly constraints

Constraints are the most important features of an assembly since they limit the degrees of freedom of a part allowing the designer to specify movability of the part.

Several mate constraints exist within Solidworks ranging from simple standard mate constraints like coincident mates that constrains two surfaces to each other, concentric mates that constrains two cylindrical parts to move along the same axis to mechanical mates like cam, slot, hinge and gear mates.

I will do some simple mates to Continue reading

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Print3D

Print3D allows us to analysis our model for 3D printing, for example, identify small gaps, and thin walls which can be an issue for printing, and also faces that needs support.
SOLIDWORKS is able to recommend a minimum wall thickness based on the inputted layer height and material used.
SOLIDWORKS can export the model as 3MF or AMF, which are the newest 3D Printing file format that can provide more information about the model than the traditional STL. There will Continue reading

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