Step by step procedure on Modelling a spring

Springs form the most integral part of any engineering application. They are widely used as dampers and in cars they are used as shock absorbers. Knowing how to model springs then becomes a necessary skill for any designer and engineer. I will run through some ways you can use to model springs inside Solidworks.

Begin by creating a new part.

modeling a spring
We need to first create a sketch that would be the basis of our helix. Create a circle sketch on Continue reading

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SolidWorks: Motion study simulation

Solidworks motion study simulation is a robust tool inside Solidworks that allows the designer to simulate motion between parts. This allows the designer animate and see how two parts interact.
For this demonstration I will animate a bevel gear system and show you how this system actually works. We will use the bevel gear sets present within Solidworks Design library.SolidWorks motion simulation

To begin we first have to enable Solidworks motion add-in present inside Solidworks.

Next we create a new assembly Continue reading

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To succeed in today’s medical device manufacturing industry, product designers must not only create innovative medical products but also navigate an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. SolidWorks® Premium software can help you meet this challenge. Powerful part definition and industrial design tools foster product innovation while integrated software prototyping and comprehensive design management capabilities support regulatory compliance. With SolidWorks software, you can quickly develop and analyze medical devices and components. SolidWorks Premium can help you meet these challenges by delivering a Continue reading

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The belt and chain feature in SOLIDWORKS is used to model a mostly pulley systems or connection in the cranksets of bicycles and crankshaft of motorcycles etc. in this article we would be going through the step required to complete insertion on a

belt/chain in your model.
First, as always, you are to model your system parts in the single component section in SOLIDWORKS, because this feature can only be found in the Continue reading

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Tutorial On Curve Machining Using Solidworks Camworks

Camworks is an instinctive, component based CAM programming that expansions profitability utilizing best-in-class advancements and versatile mechanization instruments to amplify CNC machining effectiveness.


Here the challenge is to machine only the specific faces on the part which is marked in blue in the image. Though it looks simple, to machine if you require particular patter to suit your mould this can be tricky with the Manufacturing perspective having all the necessary tool dimensions like HogNose cutter, radius 5mm, Diameter Continue reading

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SolidWorks Premium for Packaging Machinery Design-NCCS

SolidWorks Premium for
Packaging Machinery Design

  • Trends in Machine Design
  • Machine Design Process
  • Machine Design Challenges
  • Benefits of a SolidWorks Solution

Benefits of Solidworks

Workgroup PDM – search your records for a similar job

eDrawings, PhotoWorks, and assembly animation

Mechanical design

Prevents interferences before assembly

SolidWorks Simulation – design validation

Functionality for weldments, sheet metal and routing

Workgroup PDM to manage design revisions

Associativity and parametrics

Component selection

3D Content Central and Toolbox

Manufacturing and assembly

SolidWorks Manufacturing Network and Continue reading

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Geometric introduces SOLIDWORKS® MBD 2016 support at SOLIDWORKS World

CAMWorks® 3D CAM Software to use SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) and GD&T Data to automate tool, operation, and strategy selection for tool path creation.Geometric a global leader in 3D CNC machining software, announced the addition of automated manufacturing support for SOLIDWORKS® MBD 2016 technical communication software, which provides product manufacturing information (PMI) and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) instructions in 3D, to its CAMWorks® 2016 CNC machining application. These new capabilities for the joint SOLIDWORKS/CAMWorks CAD/CAM platform further streamline Continue reading

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