Metacam tool collection

Creating and managing punch tool collections

A punch tool collection is a subset of tools from the entire tool library, and you can designate a particular tool collection be used for tooling up a part.

The Tools/Configuration/Punch Tool Collections brings up the Punch Tool Collections list (See the figure below) where you can create, rename, delete or edit the tool collections.

You can add tools from the tool inventory to the collection, by selecting the tool list on the right, Continue reading

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CAMWORKS Wire EDM machines

CAMWorks is an efficient machining software that allows users to define the type of processing to be done on the part. Under the machine tab inside CAMWorks users can choose the suitable machine that can be used to perform the operations based on availability of the equipment.

One particular machining process incorporated in this interface is the wire EDM machines. These machines take machining on a new perspective. We will go through how CAMWorks can define user operations that are Continue reading

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