Doing a combined thermal and static study in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has a very powerful finite element analysis tool that allows users to run multiple simulation studies, to name some; frequency, linear dynamic, static, and thermal analyses of components.

One aspect that sets it apart is its ability to run two studies simultaneously for example running both a static and thermal study to see how the component behaves. For this particular tutorial we will consider a simple rod with a rectangular cross-section to demonstrate this capability.

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Learn How to Think Like a Simulation Engineer

Increase your Engineering Productivity with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides the advanced capabilities you need to get to market faster, designers can catch mistakes sooner, change course quickly, and create better-performing products at a lower cost

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Metacam tool collection

Creating and managing punch tool collections

A punch tool collection is a subset of tools from the entire tool library, and you can designate a particular tool collection be used for tooling up a part.

The Tools/Configuration/Punch Tool Collections brings up the Punch Tool Collections list (See the figure below) where you can create, rename, delete or edit the tool collections.

You can add tools from the tool inventory to the collection, by selecting the tool list on the right, Continue reading

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