CAMWorks 2016|Automatic feature recognition

This is a very unique tool inside CAMWorks that allows one to automatically extract the machinable features from a part designed in Solidworks.

The AFR tool not only identifies these features but it also recommends the best operation that can be used to machine said features. Besides using this feature the user has the option of defining these features manually by simply add 2.5 axis features (a subset set of the mill part setup)
If we needed to detect the Continue reading

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Tutorial On Curve Machining Using Solidworks Camworks

Camworks is an instinctive, component based CAM programming that expansions profitability utilizing best-in-class advancements and versatile mechanization instruments to amplify CNC machining effectiveness.


Here the challenge is to machine only the specific faces on the part which is marked in blue in the image. Though it looks simple, to machine if you require particular patter to suit your mould this can be tricky with the Manufacturing perspective having all the necessary tool dimensions like HogNose cutter, radius 5mm, Diameter Continue reading

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