Using the thread feature in Camworks

With Camworks 2.5 mill axis feature one can be able to carry out thread milling operations on surfaces created in Solidworks. Other possible operations that can be done using this feature include boring, reaming and tapping.

With these cutting operations, one can be able to run error-free tool paths that are extremely fast.

In this demo, we will be looking at how you can machine threads in Camworks.


we had the model shown above and we desired to machine threads Continue reading

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A Tutorial on Camworks 2 axis TAPER

Camworks is an instinctive, component based CAM programming that expansions profitability utilizing best-in-class advancements and versatile mechanization instruments to amplify CNC machining effectiveness.

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One of our CamWorks customer had this query-“Here the challenge is to machine a diameter of 1200mm on 3 degree draft approaching in the Z axis but I only have 2.5 axis machining Continue reading

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