learn to use Sweep tool in SolidWorks 2016

Solidworks 2016 now extends the use of the sweep command as it now includes the option to automatically create a swept circular profile.

In this example to create the spring from a series of curves you can simply select the path, specify the diameter and the circular sweep is created.

Image 1

You no longer need to create the profile at the end of the curve, a real time saver.

Image 2

In solidworks 2016, the reference is no longer a parent to the feature, in this case the sweep.

Image 3

The helix in composite curve is now can be altered separately from the sweep manager.

So in editing the 3D sketch, the helix is now select table enabling the tangent relation to be added, without needing to delete the sweep feature first.

A great example of how solidworks 2016, provides even more modelling flexibility.

Image 4

Before tangent application:

Image 5

Applying tangent relation without deleting the sweep feature.

Image 6

Image 7

The new circular profile sweep option is programmed to work with curves.

Sketches can also be used to define the path.

Circular profile sweep provides you with the powerful capability, to accelerate repetitive tasks.

For example, we can use this 3d sketch to quickly create 2 holes of complex angles.

Image 8

Now with solidworks 2016, the profile no longer needs to be resided on the end of the path.

Image 9

With your profile at any position, you can now sweep and control twist, in both directions along the path’s length.

Twist along the length from both sides.

Image 10

With these great enhancements in sweep feature in solidworks 2016 you can achieve your desired design with ease.

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