Steps to engrave in CAMWORKS

CAMWorks is an intelligent, intuitive CAM application that eliminates the drudgery of CNC programming. In today’s manufacturing scenario, getting products to market faster, more efficiently and within budget is essential.

To achieve this level of complex hands-free programming, CAMWorks incorporates intelligent machining through automation.

CAMWORKS engrave14

CAMWORKS seamlessly integrated within Solidworks possess unique manufacturing capabilities such as engraving patterns on existing work. To demonstrate this feature we will do a simple part in Solidworks then using the engrave tool, generate and machine a particular shape say a logo on this part.

CAMWORKS engrave

Next we can proceed to create the sketch of the feature to be engraved on the part. I chose to go with a sketch of the Canadian flag on the face of the part.

To do this therefore I used the Autotrace feature inside Solidworks to create the sketch. I then used the split line tool to transfer the sketch on the face.

CAMWORKS engrave

CAMWORKS engrave

CAMWORKS engrave

CAMWORKS engrave5.editedpng

CAMWORKS engrave6
CAMWORKS engrave
Once you are satisfied with your defined sketch you can move into CAMWORKS to engrave it onto the face of the part.

CAMWORKS engrave8
Inside CAMWORKS run the Automatic feature recognition. This automatically generates mill part setups for most of the machinable features.

CAMWORKS engrave9

From the results of running the Extract machinable feature we can see that CAMWORKS only identifies the holes as the only machinable features.
To engrave the logo of the Canadian flag we need to define a new 2.5 mill axis feature. Right click on mill part setup 1 and select new Mill axis feature.

CAMWORKS engrave10

Specify that you require an engraved cut and the limits of the feature.

CAMWORKS engrave11

Once you have defined your 2.5 axis feature it automatically appears under the mill part setup

CAMWORKS engrave

Proceed to then generate the operation plans for the setup and subsequently generate their respective tool paths.

CAMWORKS engrave13

The only thing that is left is to generate the overall tool path then doing the simulation of the path.

CAMWORKS engrave14

Once you simulate the tool path you can do a comparison check with your requirements to see whether your machining process meets them.

CAMWORKS engrave15

From the results we can see that the logo was engraved on the part surface based on our requirements for this demo. With this you can be able to engrave any pattern on your part.

watch the video for better understanding on we can engrave in Camworks

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