Step by step tutorial on Universal joint model

A universal joint is similar to a coupling and is used to transmit rotary motion between shafts that are not coaxial (lying on the same axis). With this, the angular velocity transmission is not the same therefore need for correction by introducing another universal joint at the other end of the shaft.

This is because interference with angular velocity transmission in a transmission system is undesirable. These types of joints are known to be found in cars. Modelling such types of joints becomes essential for any Mechanical engineer.

Solidworks makes modelling of such objects easy. We begin by creating a new part.

Create a circular sketch on the top plane. Extrude this sketch over a 35 mm length.

universal joint model
universal joint model
Do the following sketch on one of the ends of the cylinder then do a cut extrude of depth 20mm

universal joint model
universal joint model5
Create a sketch on the other end which will be where the two shafts will be connected by the crosslink. Then do an extrude cut.

universal joint model6

universal joint model
Do another extrude cut on the side to better define the geometry

universal joint model8

Your final geometry should look like the one above. Do another circular cut on the sides for fixing the crosslink.

universal joint model9

Next, we create the crosslink that links the two shafts. Create a square sketch on the top plane in a new part file.

universal joint model10

Go ahead to then create the extrusions for the links in opposite faces of the feature.

universal joint model11

Once you have defined your crosslink its time to create an assembly of the parts.

universal joint model

Once you insert the components, you can go ahead to create the assembly mates, constraining the circular extrusions of the crosslink to the holes of the shafts. When you are done your universal joint should look like the one shown below.


universal joint model

universal joint model14

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