Spline Enhancements in New Solidworks 2016

Solidworks 2016 has provided the software many new updates which makes the designing of products more efficient.


In this we will discuss about the enhancements in spline feature of solidworks.


Image 1

Let’s start with an example of a Jug, we will make a sketch following this jugs profile using spline tools.


Notice that new changes and additions into this feature has led to increase in designing productivity.


Image 2

Click on sketch tools-> spline.


This menu for spline will come up.


This menu is introduced in 2016 version of solidworks.


We will sketch the profile using b spline degree 5.


Degree 5 means that minimum angular deflection of this spline will be 5 degrees.


Image 3

Click on the curvatures to mark the points for spline.


Using handles, select the angles matching the background profile.


This type of spline is new in solidworks, you can easily make the sketch even if it contains complex curves.


Image 4

Now there is even option to convert into new features or sketch spline using old style.


‘Show spline handles’ will unhide handles so you can just drag them for adjusting the angles.


Image 5

Converting the b spline to style spline will make many lines appear.

These line give an idea as to which point to adjust so the spline would match with the profile.

Image 6

While trimming surfaces, now we can set the preview options.


There are three options available:

To see the final preview.

To hide the final preview.

To see only the part which will be trimmed.


This is the preview which shows the part to be removed.


Image 7

Now you can also select ‘create solid’ and solidworks will fill the surface with the same material of the surface.


Image 8

Image 9

Fillets application is also enhanced in solidworks 2016.


Image 10

Now we can make fillets which can be asymmetric in nature.


Like in this example, filet is asymmetric as it has 8mm lower diameter and 10mm upper diameter.


Image 11

Zebra stripes is a good feature, this feature is introduced to check the curvature of solid model.


Sometimes due to complex geometries, model after fabrication has poor curvature, to ensure that it doesn’t happen, this feature is used.


These lines tell the user about the smoothness of the model.


Model after applying zebra stripes.


Image 12

Lastly we will apply the shell command to complete the design of our jug.


Image 13

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