When John Hirschtick envisioned SOLIDWORKS in 1993, he wanted to spread a new frontier of design, 3D solid modelling. At the ‘majestic house of inspiration’ that is Dunkin Donuts, John founded a brief: take the inaccessible, and make it clear, Windows-legible, and affordable. He left the safety of Computervision to explore possibilities in solidworks, always informed by the needs of those who make it work – engineers. And we have continued to prioritise dignity and respect in our conduct, since those modest roots in 1993.
Now in its 23rd release, solidworks is still user driven. As early as 1998, we brought our users into direct contact in the first-of-its-kind Solidworks World function in Palm Springs. Users could liase with us, and with eachother, literally informing us on the changes they need. For example our creation of eDrawings was an unplanned direction fuelled only by consumer desires! 90% of our developments are informed by you.
Even outside modelling itself, solidworks helps you, through saving time. Since 1997 you have been able to save models in a library, and use templates, eliminating repetition and allowing you time to focus only on the relevant specifics that set your solution apart.
More than 2,573,350 users at 204,500 locations in 80 countries around the world rely on SOLIDWORKS software, and this combined intellect is helping us develop an even better product.
New in 2015, powered by feedback, solidworks has a 3D experience platform – a social network-style place of design communication. As a user, not only can you instantly access any model shared in your team, shutting down unnecessary communication lag – you can also build 3d objects on the social platform – capture a concept in its earliest conception. Now potential ideas can be visualised, to enhance their explanation.
The new solid works online support system continues our/their goal, to let customers sculpt the growth of the product! This is informed by those with superior experience and a will to help SOLIDWORKS conform to your specific needs!


Article: by Nicole Bianca Schwartz