Solidworks why is it so popular ? what does it cost?

Is it really possible to remain competent in the current Manufacturing environment without a 3D CAD software? Companies have started to realise a need for good 3D CAD. Communication is the key these days and with SolidWorks the most advanced 3D CAD tool, it is possible to streamline your design and manufacturing.
Why SolidWorks is popular in the industry? What is the price for SolidWorks in Australia? Is it worth the investment?
What sets SolidWorks apart from other CAD software’s is the ease of use and add-on products that you can bolt on to your SolidWorks, No other product has such a robust Partner program.
Take for instance Camworks the first integrated CAM system designed purely for SolidWorks. Camworks cannot work without SolidWorks and because SolidWorks is a Solid modeller it makes processing the tool path faster and accurate.
Here are some staggering information
SOLIDWORKS 2014 Revenue $597.3 Million
The SolidWorks community today encompasses more than 2.7 million people in 80 countries with one common passion – DESIGN.
SolidWorks has a wide range of industries with a wide range of design challenges. SolidWorks delivers a rich set of tools that are integrated, powerful, and intuitive to use. SolidWorks is more than just CAD, a complete toolset to design, simulate, publish, and manage data. We can even help you assess the environmental impact of your products. 31 of the top 50 most-profitable companies in the Global Fortune 500 use SolidWorks.
Important point to note among SolidWorks users is, the overall satisfaction continues to remain consistently high and has always been above 89% since 2007