SolidWorks Utility

SolidWorks utility is an add-in to the software.


This is available with solidworks professional.


This addin is used to perform an in depth study of a model or to compare the model to another model.


Step by step example to understand this addin.


Let’s take 2 parts to understand solidworks utility.


These 2 part are already provided in solidworks.




These two brackets are already provided in solidworks library and these will be used to demonstrate the working of utility add-in.


If you want to open these same parts, go to solidworks->samples->SW utilities, select bracket_a and bracket_b.



First, let’s understand the use of feature compare, to open this tool, go to tools, select compare, then features.


This will compare features of the modified model against the referenced model.



When you will execute the tool, you will see this menu pop up. This asks the user to define the referenced as well as selected part.


Referenced part is the model which was modeled originally, modified part is the part which comes as the result of editing the referenced part.



2 parts from solidworks library were used, namely bracket_a and bracket_b select one of these documents as reference document and other as modified one.


Note: best way to determine the referenced document is to check the created date of the part from desktop. Older date implies reference part.



Next thing to do is to set the  compare options.


Linear units are usually taken in mm, angular in degrees, set the decimal places as per the requirement, here 2.



Next tab on settings is of features, you can change the color of original and modified feature as complementary colors will highlight the changes, there is always an option of resetting the color changes.



Click ok. Wait for processing to complete.


This is the result of comparison performed between two brackets.



The red part indicates the features that are unique, i.e. not present in other part.


Whereas yellow color indicates the modified features.


At the non graphics section of solidworks, the results are shown in tabular form.



You can deduce that hole 9 in bracket_a is unique i.e. not present in bracket_b.


To save this report, make sure that keep colors on close is checked.



The setting to set the views is an important one while saving the report as only these selected views will be shown in the report.


Use add and remove to modify the default settings.



Set the report name and the location to successfully save the report.




After the report has been saved, you can view it in internet browser.


This report contains detailed information about reference as well as modified part.


Report also contains description of changes made, even changes in dimensions are included.





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