SolidWorks Utility : Feature Paint

This tool is used to copy various features from a part and paste those features to another part.


Let’s take two parts to understand the working of this feature.


These 2 part are already provided in solidworks.


Image 1

Image 2

These two brackets are already provided in solidworks library and these will be used to demonstrate the working of utility add-in.


If you want to open these same parts, go to solidworks->samples->swutilities, select bracket_a and bracket_b.


To open feature paint, go to tools-> utilities-> feature paint.


Image 3

This is the menu for feature paint.


Image 4

This feature requires two inputs, first where to copy from and the second input is where to paste the features.


Click on copy properties from and select the features that are required.


Selecting the features to be copied does not require the use of multi selection, you can just select the features one by one and all the selected features will be copied.


Image 5

Here, hole from bracket_b was copied.


Image 6

The name after ‘@’ represents the part name.


Parameter which can be copied are:


  1. Color
  2. Texture
  3. Depth
  4. Render properties like ambience etc.


This feature can also copy sheet metal features.


But while copying sheet metal features, there are some exceptions like bend, fold, unfold, etc.


One more variation of this feature includes the interchange of parameters of features copied.


The parameters of one feature can be applied to some other feature.


For example, parameters from dome feature can be copied and applied to chamfer feature. These small flexibilities in features make SolidWorks one of the best software for modelling.


Image 7

In feature properties tab, you can see different parameters of a particular feature.


For example, a hole consist of bore diameter, color, transparency etc.


This tab indicates the parameters which will be pasted to the destination part.


Note: one thing to remember when using feature paint tool is that if the source (part from which features are copied) has no texture and the destination part does, then destination model will retain its texture even after we have pasted features from the source.


Most important thing to remember is that features which have some reference geometry (for example, in extrude feature, if up to surface has been used) can’t be copied.


properties like shininess and specularity are used while rendering these are also copied along with other parameters.


Image 8

These can be changed by going into render settings of the source part.


Lastly, select the part to paste the copied feature.


Make sure that ‘paste appearance properties’ is checked.

Click ok.

Image 9


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