Solidworks Treehouse

Solidworks treehouse is a powerful tool for handling and managing assembly structures, now with SolidWorks 2016, treehouse provides you with many new features and flexibilities.


Image 1

Using this gear box assembly as an example, while exporting the hierarchy you can now save existing solidworks document as a copy.


Image 2

Image 3

At the same time, new properties can be added or the added ones can be modified.


Image 4

When part assemblies are modified, the background turn green, giving you a clear indication of all items that will be copied.


Image 5

Not only that, configurations based properties can now be modified directly from the treehouse hierarchy.


Image 6

To do this, simply select the properties, and choose from the available modes.


Image 7

Previously in SolidWorks 2015, configurations can be added from the treehouse, now the configurations can also be deleted from the treehouse in solidworks 2016.


Image 8

While modifying a structure it is difficult to remove items as well as add them. Now with SolidWorks 2016, you can remove any part of the subassembly by right clicking on the subassembly and then click on remove document. In this case the front cover of the gear box assembly giving you full control over the assembly.


Image 9

With another enhancement, now you can export the assembly to the solidworks. With this option enabled, you can directly open the assembly in solidworks ready to be analyzed.


Image 10

All modifications made in the treehouse have been applied to the gearbox assembly.


Image 11

While exporting the assembly to solidworks, this dialog box will appear.


Image 12

In solidworks 2016, treehouse provides you with many new enhancements to make the designing process more flexible.