Tutorial on SolidWorks slot mate

The Slot mate inside SolidWorks was introduced in SolidWorks 2014 and is one of the easiest mates to set up. The only requirement for slot mates is that the sides must be parallel for straight slots and concentric for radial slots and that the radii are equal.

Let’s model a simple slot in SolidWorks then create an assemblage of the parts which we will set up the slot mate. Let’s begin by creating a new part.


A slot like the one shown will do just fine.

Now create a new assembly and import a bolt of a diameter corresponding to that chosen for the slot.


To use components in the toolbox, we need to enable the SolidWorks toolbox add in.


Click on mates and select Mechanical Mates. Select Slot Mate.


  • solidworks-slot-mate6Here we can see there are several options available on how to define the slot mate.
    Center in slot
    Distance along slot
    Percent along slot

    Going through each definition, we will notice that they are different from each other. With the Centre in slot option, we can set the cylindrical component at the center. The others let you specify an offset distance from one of the edges.

    The free option lets the cylindrical body move freely within the slot.


    After going through this simple example, we should be able to create a slot mate easily and perhaps even run a motion study of the constraint.


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