SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hands-on test Drive

Attend SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hands-on test drive to make smart decisions and to Increase productivity.

This Drive will give users an insight into SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s capability and how we can optimize our design.

This can all be done in SOLIDWORKS Simulation without the need of a physical prototype. Its ability to rapidly determine strength of structure or design allows us to speed up our Design Process and reduce R&D time and cost.

By optimizing our design, we can

    • – Reduce the cost of parts
    • – Reduce the weight of components
    • – Make transport more convenient and
    • – Reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our Application Engineers will go through the setup up of a simulation study in SOLIDWORKS and the workflow.


Date : TBD

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We will also go through our experience in designing a model for FEA vs a model for manufacturing. Most importantly, we will learn to manipulate the results and output useful data that can help us further refine our design when needed.
Design Optimisation is also another area we will explore where users can set variable parameters and let SOLIDWORKS Simulation find the optimal design for you.

This HOTD is scheduled to run on 16th of February, 9.30am -12.30pm in NCCS Office

If you have any questions, please email us on or call us on 03 86770871.