SolidWorks Price

How Much Cost Solidworks in Australia?

Solidworks PricesA lot of Aussies have that question. It is a fair question, but the answer is not as straightforward as the question is.

Solidworks is a true professional-level 3D CAD software. It’s designed for use by one person, such as a freelancer, all the way up to a large office. Because of this, the price will vary.

The first thing to decide is what your requirements are. If you are a student at a university or a TAFE college and need Solidworks for course work, Solidworks Educational is the right version. It is A$250. Students can learn to use the program and hone their skills before entering the workforce.

At the commercial level, the price depends on which version you buy.

  • Solidworks standard is least expensive version.
  • Solidworks professional is the mid-range version.
  • Solidworks Premium is the most expensive option.

If you look online, you’d find Solidworks is sold in US dollars. However, it is not sold online in Australia. Solidworks has an international licensing policy that sets a different price structure for Australia. Local taxes and fees will also affect the final price.

If you can wait for a promotion or sales event, you can save money. Always ask local resellers if they know of any special promotions coming up. You should also watch for sales linked to certain times of the year.

If you are buying multiple licenses, you should always negotiate a price. Buying in volume means the per license cost should be lower compared to buying one or just a few copies.

If you are shopping for 3D Cad Software, contact us. We’ll work to get you the best possible price.