2016 Help-Solidworks pack and go feature

The pack and go feature is a special tool inside Solidworks that allows the designer to compress all the components used in an assembly to a single zip file. This is pretty useful since sometimes some parts are left out after an assembly which makes it hard to open these assembly file (when trying to open in a different pc) because of the missing parts. This helps solve challenges especially those faced by students when sending assignments to their instructors.

I will do a simple cam follower assembly to demonstrate this capability. You begin by creating a new assembly.

Solidworks pack and go feature
From the assembly you can choose the parts you would like to insert.

Solidworks pack and go feature2
Once you have inserted the cam follower you need to next insert the shaft (cam shaft) establishing the necessary constraints.

Solidworks pack and go feature3
Next insert the follower and also define the constraint.


Once all the constraints and features have been add to the assembly it appears as shown below.

Solidworks pack and go feature
Once you are done with the assembly you can proceed to run the pack and go feature.

Solidworks pack and go feature
This feature automatically recognizes all the parts used in the assembly and it allows you to choose the parts you would like to appear in your zip file. You have the option of even including simulations in the in the zip file which is pretty cool.

Solidworks pack and go feature
If you would like a text replaced in your save to name folder, all you have to do is select the text and replace tab and choose what you would want to replace and what text you will replace it with.

Solidworks pack and go feature
The feature also allows you to add prefixes and suffixes to existing name partsOnce you are done with editing you have the option of saving the files into a folder or simply compressing them into a zip file. All you need to do here is define the destination folder.

Solidworks then does the rest. The file is the saved in the respective destination.

Solidworks pack and go feature9
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