Steps to create Solidworks Organic shapes

An organic shape is a name used to describe shapes that are not definitive in that they are not regular. Solidworks does an exemplary job in modelling such shapes as will be illustrated by the example that will follow.

We begin by creating a sketch on any plane.

I first inserted the sketch picture of the shrimp onto the sketch and used the Autotrace feature inside Solidworks to trace the outline of the figure.
organic shapes
With the outline determined, a line of symmetry through the middle of the part was established. This line forms the basis for surface extrusion.

With that a surface 130mm high was then extruded. Once this was done a split line was then then inscribed on this surface. The surface on the higher end of the split line was then trimmed off.

organic shapes
organic shapes
This surface formed an integral part for surface lofting. Surface lofting is a surface form feature inside solidworks that allows for surface extrusion once the limits of the extrusion have been defined.

A ruled surface was then created at the top of the mid-part surface extrusion just to help in defining the constraints for the surface lofts. The boundary surfaces were then created for half the part.

organic shapes
For the latter half of the part the same procedure as used in the first surface lofts was used. A ruled surface was created similar to the first procedure for the purpose of defining the surface lofts and when this was done the surface lofts were then created.

organic shapes
By using surface fill feature and surface knit features inside Solidworks the gaps and spaces present in the part were filled.

organic shapes7
The mirror entity inside Solidworks was used to duplicate the results shown above in order to develop the other half of the model

organic shapes
The surface fill feature was then used to fill the spaces that were left
With this demonstration we can clearly see the capability of Solidworks in 3d modelling of complex shapes.

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