Tutorial on Solidworks- Multiple body part design

Multi-body part design is a special tool inside Solidworks that allows for modelling a component by breaking it into a multiple number of similar parts hence the name Multiple-body part design.
With this, modification done on a part of the component in turn affects the whole model. This feature applies to bodies that can be modelled using linear or circular patterns and hence once the original body has been modified then all the other bodies follow suit
Below is a demonstration of this feature in solidworks.
Multiple-body part design
We first create a sketch on any plane of your choosing. Next sketch a circle of 100mm diameter and extrude it blind for 50mm.
Multiple-body part design

Next we can either choose to do a linear pattern or a circular pattern.
For a linear pattern we have to first define the temporary axis that is assigned to any cylindrical part ones it’s created. We do this by going to the command window and typing axis. We then click on axis and select the part on which we would like the axis to be defined.
Once this is done we can now create a linear pattern of the bodies resembling the first. We do this by selecting linear pattern. On the explorer tab we select the axis and proceed to bodies to pattern.
Multiple-body part design4
We can now see what our outcome will be. We can vary the spacing and the number of instances depending on the requirements.
Multiple-body part design
The result is as shown above. We can do modification on the bodies by just modifying the original part. We do this by rolling back to before we made the linear pattern and make the necessary modifications.
Multiple-body part design

Multiple-body part design

It is clear that multiple-body part design in solidworks is a time saver and can help reduce tedious manipulations that would have otherwise been required if you were using other cad software without this exceptional capability.

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